Ever since our society was founded, one of our main aims has been to record, research, and classify every single tobacco and trade card issued between the end of the nineteenth century and the present day. Our members have worked together to make this happen, and, excitingly, vintage cards that have never been seen before continue to be unearthed and brought to our attention. .

Our system has changed just a little in almost a hundred years. A card is discovered, and it is recorded; originally this was on a typewritten list, and then, once we started to produce regular magazines, the details appeared in there. The first printed checklist was of the issues of W & F Faulkner. This was a turning point, as new members could buy this one volume and join in immediately with research, they did not need to buy back issues of the magazine, or work slowly through those they had. Today we still list new discoveries in our magazines, but also now online, which allows collectors of ephemera, postcards, and general thematic collectors of any subject to join in too. 

Remember that if you are a Cartophilic Society member you recieve a special discounted price on our reference books.

And if anyone has any questions about a book's contents, please just get in touch - we are always happy to advise in order to ensure you get the book which is best suited to your requirements.

Ref. Title Author(s)
Cover, in green, of Eric Gurd's 'Cigarette card issues of Abdulla, Adkin and Ainstie' from 1943. A05 The Cigarette Card Issues of Abdulla, Adkin and Anstie Gurd, Eric
Cover, in red/orange, of Eric Gurd's 'Cigarette card issues of Ardath Tobacco' from 1943. A52 The Cigarette Card issues of Ardath Tobacco Co., Ltd. Gurd, Eric
Amendments & updates to New World Tobacco Index (free download available)
Amendments & updates to British Trade Index (free download available)