What's going on?

Just like a card released from its packet, we are slowly emerging, though not all our branches and clubs are yet awake. 

Now we must first thank all of the auctions who have still allowed us to collect through the pandemic, let us look at cards online, and even provide us with a chance to go along and view lots, albeit in pre-booked time-slots. We will repay them by listing their sale dates, after all many allow commission bids, and even bidding live via the internet, though it is always best to find out how this works at that particular auction house some time in advance rather than clicking in a moment before the lot comes up.

Anyway the idea of this page is that it will include the date and club name, with a link to their page so that you can see the venue and times, plus read a bit more about them and their stories. 

So lets start with our biggest fair of the year, the Cartophilic Convention as shown on this pamphlet.