Thoughts on the future...

Submitted by Cardworld admin on Sat, 04/10/2021 - 15:08
A flyer from the 2018 CSGB Annual Convention.

Well here we are, about to slowly follow the road-map to our brand new future.

Sadly our release did not come in time to allow us to host an Annual Convention at the end of this month, so, shockingly, the last time we all met together remains at Kings Lynn, way back in 2018, from where this advertising leaflet originates.

However, we can, and will, celebrate the date which has become such a fixture in the Cartophilic Calendar for you all by making our next special event a tribute to it.

So we wait to hear from you as to things you remember – from collectors, about all those cards you found, or missed out on, and those auction buys that made the weekend so special – and from dealers, about any notable sales, and events you will always remember.

Contact us with your name and email. These will not be published - they simply allow us to get back to you for more information or scans. However if you wish a name, pseudonym, or even a link to your website in the case of dealers or specialist collections, then that can be arranged by request.

If you need a quick reminder of our Conventions to start your memories flooding back, then do go and have a look at : – where many of our souvenir giveaway cards are displayed.

On which note, if anyone out there has cards that are not shown, do let us know.

Or alternatively, if you, like me, collect these cards and have either missing years or duplicates, drop us a line – we might be able to set up a pop up swapping page for the weekend...